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Software updates unavailability for individual equipment related to the 100 & 200 Euro updates

Regarding the 100 & 200 Euro updates, we made evaluations of machines for which there will be no more software updates available. This pertains also all other currencies!

Reasons for this are the following:

  • The sensor technology is too old, which is the matter why the new notes cannot longer be recognized to 100%.
  • The memory capacity of each device is no longer sufficient, as the new Euro Updates require a lot of memory.

These are the following devices:

Counterfeit detectors:

  • CCE 110 BASE
  • CCE 110 DUO

Banknote counters:

  • CCE 230 MULTI
  • CCE 240 BASE
  • CCE 240 MULTI
  • CCE 340 MULTI serial numbers up to 340M-000650. From serial number 340M-000651 it is still being checked.

We strongly advise to exchange these devices for new models. As soon as the new banknotes go at the End of May 2019 in circulation, these models will no longer be able to check and count the new banknotes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make you an offer for the current models.

We deliver from now on the most of our new machine types including the new 100 & 200 Euro update. Therefore you would be exempt from another Euro update.

For the CCE 111, CCE 112 BASE & CCE 112 DUO we also recommend to buy a new model, because there are serious limitations in the function.

Due to an expected wave of orders from April 2019, we recommend to order as early as possible.

As long as the required machines are on stock, we can deliver promptly. Based on experiences in the past it can come to delivery delays from April 2019.