PRO 150 UM

Professional Banknote Counters

Modes and Functions

  • Simple counting mode for banknotes of any state of all currencies from all around the world.
  • Mix counting mode for EUR.
  • Variable batch mode and summation.
  • Verification system: Size detection, Optical density detection, UV detection, MG detection.


  • Professional banknote counter for banking and cash handling sectors with innovative mechanism
  • Processing banknotes of any condition
  • Ultimate construction for 24 hour heavy duty use
  • Clear high contrast large LCD display with backlit
  • Software update for any currency
  • Convenient paper thickness adjustment screw for the feeder slot
  • Adjustment of sensors’ sensitivity
  • Sound and text indication when a suspicious banknote is detected
  • Easy to use
  • RS-232 Port


  • The PRO 150 series is ideal for use in cashiers, patroll offices and exchanges for small or medium volumes of cash operation.


Specifications PRO 150 Series


 PRO 150UM

Basic set of currencies


Counting speed, banknotes/min.

600 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000

Infrared detection


Magnetic detection


Ultraviolet detection


Optical density detection


Width detection




Hopper capacity, banknotes


Stacker capacity, banknotes


Power supply

 ~110-220V / 50-60Hz

Power consumption, W


Dimensions, mm


Net weight, kg